Probably the most convenient and fastest way to book clients
Give your customers the fastest way to contact you
Increase business occupancy by up to 90%
Increase turnover and new customers by over 40%
Benefits for you
Sell your free slots. Fill your calendar and increase occupancy by more than 40%
All bookings are visible in our system and easily trackable
Freeing your administrators from constant calls, while customers can see available and convenient times with their favourite specialist
More than 20% of customers cancel bookings for various reasons. Set the payment option and forget about problem customers
Payment with only 3 clicks
Plug-in activation takes only a few seconds
Benefits for the client
The fastest and most convenient interface for booking your favourite service
Without application
No need to download the app
Possibility to buy quick Qoffers
Quick booking
The whole process takes no more than 30 seconds
Here is our Qoffer Plugin Design
Our UX & UI design enables you to get the best service
Respond right here, right now!
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Welcome to Qoffer, you are one click away from finding your ideal appointment
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The World’s first platform for business clients to sell their unfilled service time, and for customers to purchase services at a discounted price
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