Grow your business with Qoffer software, just one click away from new clients
Qoffer is the only platform providing available or missed time slots for a service at a discounted price. Increase sales by more than 40%.
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Urgently need a service, or maybe it’s your first time in a new city and you have to quickly book an appointment?
Opportunities to quickly sell unfilled appointment times
The possibility to receive requests from potential customers for specific services
Intuitive and effective management system of customer records and business analysis tools
grow your customer base and attract new customers
Bigger base
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Our unique features
The only platform that allows you to sell free or abandoned time slots for a service at a discounted price.
Businesses are able to increase sales of services by more than 40%
Best platform for businesses
Modern and easy-to-manage Qoffer software, controls the schedule of services provided
Quick placement of the offered time in the schedule of a particular specialist
Overview of one's customer and billing information
Statistics and full analytics for running the business integration with social media networks
Marketing promotion of the offers on social networks
Appointment reminder via notifications or Email
Use of AI
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Here is our platform design
UX and UI design to get your services booked easily
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Target audience
Receive an initial consultation from a lawyer, a notary, or other related services
Legal services
Quests, go-karts, take a spin in a Ferrari, etc.
Hairdresser, pedicure, manicure, massage, laser hair removal, etc.
Beauty and wellness
Gyms, yoga classes, and other sport and wellness activities
Sport and fitness
Maintenance, tyre services, or just an oil change
Car services
find medical or dental services nearby and immediately
Medicals and dentals
The most convenient
and quickest way to
book your clients
Give your customers the fastest way to get in touch with you
Increase your business occupancy by up to 90%.
Increase your turnover and the number of new customers by more than 40%.
Unique advantages
Complete solution for business management and development
A convenient and simple set of tools to increase sales, manage schedules, and effectively interact with valuable customers.
Working schedule
Maintaining and using the calendar is simple, on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers
Artificial Intelligence
The introduction of AI to the Qoffer platform will increase sales of services to potential customers, and popularize your company on the internet. Smart service tips and much more.
Modern marketing and social media integration
Achieve increased sales and updated calendars through a range of smart marketing tools integrated with social networks.
Reports and analytics
Reports and analytics gather important data and indicators, helping you to evaluate the bigger picture.
Payment process
Easy-to-use in-app payments thanks to saved custom cards and payment terminals in the store. Integration with Stripe and other companies.
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The World's first platform that allows business clients to sell their unfilled service time, while customers can purchase services at a discounted price.
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