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What is Qoffer?
Qoffer is a service put up for sale in connection with the cancellation and it usually comes out at a bargain price, but has a specific implementation time. In case of cancellation of Qoffer, the fee for it is not refundable.

When can I cancel the service?
The service can be canceled at any time, but if canceled within the last 24 hours, you will have to pay 25%, as the company loses the chance of selling this hourly slot and incurs financial losses.

Can I purchase a Qoffer / service for my friend?
Yes you can! You simply purchase a Qoffer / service and tell him the booking code or send him a screen shot with a screenshot of the ticket that he will use when visiting the seller of this service

How to start offering your services in Qoffer app?
To sell in Qoffer you just need to have a services business with one of the following categories:
⁃ The beauty
⁃ Sports
⁃ Massage
⁃ Car services
⁃ Entertainment
⁃ The medicine
⁃ Dentistry
⁃ Jurisdiction
Learn more https://qoffer.com/crm
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